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Community Housing Network, Inc. - 207

Community Housing Network, Inc. - 207

Hi Junctioneers! Spring is just around the corner and we want to make you aware of this great resource for first time and repeat home buyers. Our bi-weekly Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) Home Buyer Education workshops provide access to more than $7,500 in closing cost assistance from the MSHDA MiFirst and MiNext Home product and up to $10,000 in assistance from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis Home Ownership Opportunities Program. We also provide invaluable information regarding loan products, additional down payment assistance, financial planning, and income tax incentives. The pre-registration fee is $25 per person and registration information can be found here:
The upcoming schedule is on posted on the door of Suite 207 as well - come join us!
Ciao! --Maddie

18 January @10AM
Shebley Group

Shebley Group

Hello everyone, i am excited to join this hub of professional and inspiring environment. looking to network and collaborate with our fashion based tech startup with others interested. please feel free to reach out and check out our current site/products @

25 December @8PM
Pairaphrase Translation App

Pairaphrase Translation App

Looking to have your App translated into other languages? We'd love to help. We're getting ready to launch the scalable version of Pairaphrase and we'd like to translate your iOS or Android app at no charge. Yup FREE, for a limited time only. Contact me at

25 May @3PM
New Life Empowerment Group

New Life Empowerment Group

New Life Empowerment Group is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to youth and young adult mentoring and outreach services. We currently have 2 programs underway - "Pure-essence" for girls and "Men For Others" for boys. Each program is designed to empower our youth to excel in life; emotionally, physically, and educationally. We look forward to hosting meetings and activities for our youth and we encourage anyone interested in our services to contact us by visiting our or by calling 313-640-7955!

7 April @11AM
Resolute Educational Solutions, L.L.C. - 160

Resolute Educational Solutions, L.L.C. - 160

Resolute Educational Solutions’ (RES) mission is to serve as a thought-partner with K-12 schools and districts in facilitating improved practice, procedure and policy processes in order to support the acceleration of student achievement and equitable access to educational opportunities for all students.

Here are a few services that we offer:
On-Site Reviews (or Site Visit)
Auditing Services
Teaching and Learning Appraisal
Compliance-Based Technical Assistance

Performance Outcomes to be measured:
The role of Resolute Educational Solutions, L.L.C. is to provide grants administration, program monitoring, data collection and reporting, and to facilitate the necessary technical assistance to ensure not only compliance, but quality programs for students.

  1. Technical Assistance - We're here to help.
    Support schools and districts with monitoring team members provide technical assistance in preparation for a site visit and beyond. It is not Resolute's intent to tell the school or district how to run its Title funding or other supplemental programs, but rather to answer questions, facilitate dialogue, and exchange ideas and information for program improvement while, at the same time, meeting all federal requirements.

  2. Compliance - It's the law.
    Monitoring federal and state programs helps ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. Compliance monitoring is intended to be a collaborative partnership between the school/district and Resolute to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

List of current/previous partners:
Ann Arbor Public Schools, Ann Arbor, MI
Allen Public School Academy, Detroit, MI
Tukwila School District, Tukwila, WA

14 March @2PM
Black Data Processing Associates

Black Data Processing Associates

Suite 115: BDPA Detroit is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization comprised of professionals working in the Information Technology industry or anyone having an interest in Information Technology. BDPA Detroit chapter consistently advances the careers of people in the Information Technology industry from the classroom to the boardroom. Our meetings are held every third Thursday @ 6:30pm @ Techtown. We are currently looking for speakers for our Information Exchange Meetings. Please email me: Loraine Stewart-David, Chapter

8 March @12PM
Nostalgia Antique Appraisal Services, LLC - 626

Nostalgia Antique Appraisal Services, LLC - 626

If you have items that you need to know the value, visit us at Tech Town on the first Tuesday of the month for a walk-in-appraisal or stop in to say hello. Give us a call at 313-241-6198.

29 February @8AM
Eye 2 Eye Contact

Eye 2 Eye Contact

Thank you Michael, and Andrea for your Eyewear purchases!

22 December @9PM
Eye 2 Eye Contact

Eye 2 Eye Contact

Hello Fellow Members! Eye 2 Eye Contact has an Excellent offer on Eyeglasses, and Sunglasses for HSA or Flex Spending accounts!
Use it or Lose it!!
Contact Will your Neighborhood Optician
313-378-7883 /

6 December @1PM
ADI Actors & Entertainment Club

ADI Actors & Entertainment Club

Complete contact for is Irene contact 313-681-1521

9 November @8PM

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313 Digital

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